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Gift Wrapping

Giving gifts is one of my favorite things. I feel like, if done right, the present goes well beyond the thing in the box.

Giving gifts becomes a way for me to convey my gratitude and love to the person I'm gifting to. So, wrapping all those feels is a huge part of the package!

I combined satin and velvet ribbon because both add a little elegance. The gold string is so festive and the tiny, vintage bells bring so much holiday spirit. Keeping the boxes and wrapping simple let's the blue and gold details shine.

You see a few completed gifts here, but all will be done in some similar variation.

I think the pretty blue (not royal, not navy, so pretty) feels fresh and festive. It's a little different than the usual seasonal colors, but still obviously holiday, especially with those bells!

'Tis the season but I'm trying to remember it's the thought that counts. So I'm adding extra kindness, friendliness and gratitude with every bow I tie. Sending lots your way this season!

All wrapping supplies from Amazon.


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