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I Miss Homegoods

The world faces real problems right now, but I'd like to set those aside for a minute. I can't help it. I miss Homegoods. There, I said it.

The world faces real problems right now, but I'd like to set those aside for a minute. I can't help it. I miss Homegoods. There, I said it. I know you feel me. Sometimes a girl just needs a new oven mitt. Or cute cocktail stirrers. Or a toothbrush holder.
I underestimated how much I would miss the simple act of smelling candles for 15 minutes, totally oblivious to the fact that my cart is completely blocking the aisle.
Or chatting with the nice woman in front of me on the checkout line, complimenting her jewel of a find.
I confess, I was a little jealous of her new spatula, but at the same time, I was happy for her too. (I'm a conflicted shopper)
I remember the goosebumps I would get just walking in the doors, seeing the new items, freshly stocked on the shelves. Some days it would take my breath away. You might think that is a dramatic overstatement, but I'm actually downplaying it a little. (what? are you saying goosebumps are not a normal response to shopping?)
What would I find? Would I be moved by the bohemian, global accessories, or the sleek, minimalist items? You'd think I would have a specific style by now. But I don't. (I told you, I'm a conflicted shopper. Are you even listening?)
I believe in the healing powers of candles, oven mitts, spatulas, I truly do. But the world has changed. For now, we can't find joy in the aisles of Homegoods.
So, I started this note as a virtual browse of the aisles with my friends.
Remember when we found the perfect sign for your new laundry room? Or when you scored a huge discount on that blanket for your couch? Or when I made you get that rug you weren't sure about but that you now you love? Or when you had to drag me out because it was past closing time and the people that work there wanted to go home? Good times.
Some people will say I should be focused on more important things. That now is not the time to worry about candles, oven mitts and spatulas. But I disagree. Now is the time to be grateful for the homes we've made. Homes which now more than ever, can be our haven.
I used to explain my Homegoods visits by saying “it's the little things in life that make us happy.” And it's true. I mean, come on. You know you love your new oven mitt. I'm still kind of jealous of it.
But now we can find joy in other ways. I've taken to standing outside my friends homes yelling at their windows. I'm sure their neighbors don't appreciate it, but hey, we all have to adapt.
And since everybody else was doing it, I learned this thing called Zoom. Apparently, it's a new technology that seamlessly adds multiple chins to your (my) face while really showcasing the ugly walls and awful lighting in your (my) office. (more on that in my next note - exciting, right?)
I thought I was really clever and original when I made banana bread. But I've since learned that literally the whole world is making banana bread right now.
I don't even recycle very well, but here I am re-purposing rotting bananas. I am literally patting myself on the back for ignoring a nutritious food so that I can transform it into a baked good. (#winning)
Thank goodness the Zoom (actually, the chins) forced me to stop living under the illusion that banana bread is healthy. Because who would want to live in a world where banana bread is healthy? (me)
So yes, we are overdue for a visit to our beloved Homegoods. I can't wait to see what will be on the shelves when the doors finally open again. (For your own safety, I would recommend not standing between me and the candles.)
But what I'm really looking forward to is wandering the aisles together and then after, going to your home for a visit. How good does that sound?
See you there!
p.s. - This is not an ad for Homegoods. I miss them dearly and think about them often. But they have no idea who I am. (which continues the pattern of most of my relationships, so we're good)
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