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Laundry Room Make Over On A Budget

How do you transform a dingy, basement laundry room? Click here to see a dramatic before and after!

Since we have to do laundry, here is a transformation that speaks for itself! I was so happy to work with this client who believed there was no hope for her laundry room. She thought she was destined to be forever stuck in laundry purgatory.

I promise, the most overlooked and smallest spaces can make you happy with just a few changes. These pictures show it is possible to make even a basement laundry area warm and welcoming!

For this project, the challenge was creating warmth and light in a typical, dingy basement area while camouflaging vent pipes, drying racks and low ceilings. The good news, the client has bright white, new machines and the white tile floor was in great shape. The room had even been painted recently. So that became the base and we worked from there.

The first priority was creating functionality with the countertop and shelves. Then we layered in warmth with the wood and baskets, which also serve to hide the ugly but necessary laundry stuff. The black and red accents give pops of color and contrast. We even scored a natural fiber, flat weave, black and white rug on sale to pull it all together.

Would you believe it was all done on a budget of about $500? Including labor and accessories! The project took about two weeks, with the biggest time factor being the delivery time for the wood and installation of the shelves.

We found the shelf brackets on Amazon and the wood from Home Depot. If you know your dimensions, you can have the wood cut to size at the store, which makes it even easier. You can get thick plywood to cut down on steps. To save money, we got a thinner piece of plywood and put a piece of trim along the front to make it look chunkier. Just make sure to run supports along all three sides to reinforce the counter.

Happy laundry!

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