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My Fourth Forever Home

A forever home is meant to be forever, right? Somehow, forever hasn't quite lasted as long as I thought! So here I go again, for the fourth - yes, fourth! - time renovating a house for myself.

Here we go! I'm so excited to share the journey of my new home renovation!

This is the fourth time I'm renovating a house for myself. Each time, I thought it would be my forever home. But life moves fast, so here I am, four houses later, navigating a mini construction zone!

I am enormously grateful to all the incredible people involved. Thanks to their patience, expertise and help, I'm truly able to enjoy this process. If you need referrals, check below - or let me know and I'll connect you!

It's all a work in progress with zero parts of the house complete. I don't usually share photos until things are done, but I just can't wait. Life isn't perfect, so here are some pictures for a peek at a few elements that are in place and some big changes still to come. Nothing is done yet, but we're on the way! Follow along on my Facebook and Instagram pages where I'll share the progress until we get to the finished product!

Many thanks to all the new neighbors I've met that have welcomed me to the neighborhood!

These days, home is more important than ever. So glad you're with me for the ride as I turn this house into my new haven!

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