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New Blue Couch

Even the smallest changes make big impacts! This new couch brightens the room and gives it more character!

I started this project EXACTLY one year ago today. Home is a process and doesn't happen overnight. No matter what HGTV and social media tries to make us believe!

This family room / great room got a complete makeover over the last year.

New area rug, new couch, new pillows, new end tables, new dining furniture, new lamp, new paint…it was a big project!‍'

Now all the foundational pieces are in and next comes artwork and a few accessories for the final touches!

In a move that most designers would never approve, we purposely chose to go without a coffee table.

The client's 11-year-old daughter is a gymnast and loves to tumble on the soft carpet. Plus their two dogs require lots of floor cuddle time and both kids love curling up in front of the fire. So, a coffee table just doesn't make sense for this family right now.

If the next phase of life brings game nights and movie nights, we can always add a coffee table later.

Don't worry about what you SHOULD do in your space. There are no shoulds. Let's build a home that reflects your life RIGHT NOW and how you WANT to use the space!

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